Our Preserve

Liberty Hollow Hunts terrain consists of long high ridge, Hard woods, fields, along with a spring fead creek. and swamp.. We have several logging roads that run the length of our property.  This is great for those of you who like to spot and stalk. our Preserve flows well and has pretty much everything you would expect.  
We have ground blinds, Tree platforms, Ladder stands. tree Boxes, and over look platforms. We have  both tree stands
and tree blinds specifically set up for handicapped hunters.  Some of our ground blinds are completely enclosed and others are tucked in stone ledges and surrounded with military cammo netting.  You can also use your own stands., whatever suits you.
When you hunt with us, you decide how you want to hunt. You are welcome to hunt on your own or hunt with a guide. We do not restrict you or require a guide to stay with you the entire time!! Their are those of you who want to be guided and others that want to be by themselves or with a friend or family.
You can use a Rifle, muzzleloader, Handgun, Longbow, Compound Bow, Recurve or Crossbow. Again, we do not restrict you as to which weapon you chose to use.
Another benefit to you is we limit the number of hunters to 5 at a time AT THE MOST!!! Some Preserves try to squeeze in as many hunters as possible, most times we may have one or two other hunters on our farm. Allot of times you will be the only one hunting. 
After your hunt we will field dress, skin and  quarter your Deer or Hog at no additional charges.
I guarantee you will leave with your trophy a full cooler and a smile on your face.