Listed below is our 2016-17  prices. We ask you to call us and check with both availability and to confirm prices. Sometimes we get special pricing from our breeders and when possible we pass them on to you. As a rule, we ask that you contact us to check on current prices. It is unlikely prices will go up, but sometimes they can actually be lower than posted!

Whitetail Deer:
 As always, call for availability and confirm pricing!!
Doe range from $400.00 to $450.00
Bucks vary in price according to size of the racks in inches.

 100 inch $1,250.00                           160 inch $3,250.00                             210 inch $5,500.00  to  $6,250.00
 120 inch $1,550.00                           170 inch $3,750.00                             220 inch $6,000.00  to  $6,750.00
 130 inch $2,000.00                           180 inch $4,250.00
 140 inch $2,250.00                           190 inch $4,750.00                             220 inches up to 350 inches call for Prices.
 150 inch $2,750.00                           200 inch $5,250.00          

Our Preserve also complies with SCI standards for those of you who want to add your trophy into the SCI score books!  
We always give you a fair shake in scoring, if anything most Bucks are larger than you pay for!!